Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 43 (First Half)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 43 (First Half) adult stories

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Trying something new here: multi part condensation! Putting two parts in one to reduce bloat. Whether or not this format is better is up to you, the reader, to decide.
Part one:

Part two:

Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 43 (First Half)

A lone figure sits alone in a bush near the forest surrounding the Fujikoba household.

---<DATE: JAN 30, TIME: 8:00 A.M.>---

"I am currently outside the Fujikoba manor. No sign of activity. The operation will commence in one hour. Over.", the figure says.

---<LOG END>---

I approach the estate with Prez and Cringe in tow.

Both of them are dressed up in female school uniform with long wigs.

"It's been a while since we both dressed like this, huh?", Cringe-kun says in his normal voice.

"Shhhh!", the president and I both say, in case some cameras were picking up our voices.

(Still, I couldn't believe the gatekeeper let us in after I said we were friends with Fujikoba-san.), I think to myself, knowing that while I might have gotten a pass, I couldn't say the same for my plus two.

The mystery man peeks up from the bushes.

---<DATE: JAN 30, TIME: 8:03 A.M.>---

"There seems to be three people spotted outside the front door. Two females, one with dark blue hair, and one with blonde hair.

They are accompanied by what seems to be a male, but his face is obscured by one of the pillars. Unsure on whether or not they're threats. Will provide more information when possible. Over.", he mumbles into his transmission receiver.

---<LOG END>---


The intercom on the doorbell answers the ring.

"We did not order anything.", the voice says.

It sounded like an adult male, his voice was deep and powerful. Think Tomok*zu Sug*ta or D*rth V*der.

I clear my throat, then said, "We are here to speak with Fujikoba Makoto, sir. We are his friends from school.", loudly into the intercom.

"Well, dear me. I was not informed that my son had friends, much less ones that were visiting today."

Hearing that kind of pained me a little, as Ojou-kun had never mentioned Shy-kun or myself to his father.

The tall and trimmed man himself opened the door.

The CEO of Fujikoba Industries was looking down at us, as if he were measuring our self worth. Looking up close, he was way taller than he seemed back at the party.

"I suppose turning you away would be rude. We were not expecting company today, but you may enter. Come in.", he says.

The figure watching from the bushes notices this.

---<DATE: JAN 30, TIME: 8:05>---

"The three were let in by the target. I repeat, target is confirmed home. Over.", the figure says into his device.

---<LOG END>---

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