Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 42
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This is probably the one time I'll use everyone's real names in place of their code names, unless this way is easier to comprehend.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 42

Makoto's little brother opens up the door and sits next to Haru, who was looking away from him in a slump.

"What are you doing here, funny cat lady-san?", he asks, looking up at him with a puzzled expression on his face.

"Lemme 'lone, lad. I beg ye.", the neko meido says without even glancing at him.

He starts to shake and tears well up in his eyes, but he's doing his best not to look at the kid.

A long pause of silence between the two ensues, then the kid has an idea.

"Hey, funny cat lady-san?", the kid asks.

Haru responds, mustering up a wry, "Aye.".

"Stay right where you are. I'll be back.", he says, grinning.

A few moments later, he returns with a chocolate milk can, and a strawberry milk can.

He sits beside the young cat, who's still looking away.

He presses the can of 100% natural cacao/lactic mixture on Hart's exposed arm, which made him yelp in shock.

"Yikes! T'as colD!", he exclaims.

The kid gives off a playful chuckle as the once agitated Haru calms down looking at his warming smile.

"How d'ye know I drink chocolit?", Haru asks.

The kid taps on his head as if he knew all along, handing the cat the milk.

As the two drink their milk, the kid says, "I didn't properly introduce myself that day at the park. I am Fujikoba Jin. May I ask what your name is, funny cat lady-san?", he asks.

"T'is Haru o' teh Abe name, laddie.", he replies.

The kid chuckles again, this time, bordering on bursting out laughing.

"Whaas so funneh?", the neko says, confused.

"The way you said it, as if your surname is well known. I'm sorry", Jin says, calming down.

"Truth be told, you're the first one I ever met.", he continues.

"Yeah, me kin dunnae git around much. No offense tak'n.", Haru replies.

Suddenly, the mood breaks with the next question.

"What are you doing here?", Jin asks.

Haru goes back into slump mode.

Jin starts to get worried.

"I-It's yer bro'er.", Haru said, having came to the conclusion the female with the giant wang was actually a guy.

"M-Mako-niichan!?", Jin exclaimed, almost dropping his can in shock.

Haru didn't want to remember it, but he gave off a slight "A-aye...", as he swings from the can.

Haru tells him through stifled sobs that he was accused of being a spy.

"I...I need to go talk to him.", Jin says, getting up, opening the cellar door.

"Nay. I ain' worth teh trouble.", Haru says, turning around to try to stop him.

"No! I know Mako-niichan, and he does this a lot. I know you too now, and I can tell that you're innocent, funny cat lady-san!", Jin shouts through tears of his own towards Haru.

A silhouette emerges in the cellar door behind Jin.

"Just droppit, lad!", Haru shouts.

As Jin was about to open his mouth to protest, an all too familiar "OHOHOHO!" pierces behind him.

Jin turns around, and the rich boy himself is towering over him.

"H-hi, Mako-nii~", he starts.

"Don't you 'Mako-niichan' me! What are you doing near the commoner?", Makoto asks Jin, pointing at Haru.

"Funny cat lady-san is innocent!", Jin protests.

"He isn't if I say he is not! What kind of secrets has he been feeding you?", Makoto bends down to meet his little brother's eyes, wide with paranoia.

Jin bravely responds, "None.", face solid as stone.

Jin looked around, and noticed his once ever-present servant wasn't around.

"Where's Wassan?", Jin asks, puzzled.

"Ohohoho, Watson? He was sent in for...questioning, after that rat over there inexplicably botched an experiment.", Makoto fumes, pointing once again at Haru.

"I can see an' hear ye. An it's a cat outfit, not a rat outfit.", Haru calls out from his safe space.

"SILENCE, PEASANT! You have already caused enough havoc!", a pissed Makoto shouts.

Jin has had enough out of his brother.

"This game has to end. This 'find the company spy' game has to end.

Innocent people are being used for your experiments, and that's all you care about! I hate you, Mako-niichan!", his brother shouts through tears.

Makoto picks him up.

"Yamero! Let teh wee lad go!", Haru shouts.

"NO. And you want to know why? This little runt has ran his mouth far too much. 'Game'? You think what I have been doing this whole time is a 'game'? Hogwash.

What I do is for my father, and the future of the company. Future! Of! The! Company! Do you hear me?", Makoto shouts at Jin while shaking him, clearly having officially lost his marbles.

Jin starts to sob.

"If there was a spy, the real Mako-niichan would have found him by now! I don't know who you are, but I promise you will be brought to justice! You are not my aniki!", he shouts through teary eyes.

"Lad...", the neko mutters.

Makoto sighs and puts him down.

"I don't have time for this. Father sent me to find you. You're keeping your tutor waiting.", Makoto says as he closes the cellar door and drags him off.

"Stop, aniki! That hurts!", Jin complained as he was dragged.

Haru glances at the empty strawberry milk can Jin left behind.

He had something to fight for, but what?

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