Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 41 (1/2)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 41 (1/2) adult stories

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I will try to wrap this arc up by 45. This being a take on the field of light novels, I want this to be enthralling, but not so long it bores the audience I still have. 😅


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 41 (1/2)

While the old man goes over the plan, Shy-kun is in the hallway, shedding tears.

He was sad, no-...disappointed, that his dear friend could be this cruel.

(Note: The following takes place where Chapter 34 left off.)

As Shy-kun looks up in the sky, a helicopter was seen.

"EEEK!", he shrieks, shielding his eyes with an arm as it lands near him on the school rooftop.

A certain haughty rich voice can be heard as someone steps out, taking off their muffler headgear.

"OHOHOHO! My apologies for the sudden commotion, my dear President."

Shy-kun shakes his head, smiling, and in tears.

"No, it's perfectly okay. Thank you for helping me.", he says.

"I already told you, didn't I? Anything for you. Ohoho!", Ojou-kun responds, smiling at him.

He looks at the bird in Shy-kun's arms.

"I am afraid there's not much time, so if you would please hand him to me, I can help him.", the drill replies.

Shy-kun did as instructed, then asks, "A-ano...forgive me for asking, but about what I heard on the phone~"

This was his chance, his opportunity for a heart to heart conversation.

This was his moment to find out something about his VP, but Ojou-kun was already prepared in case he were to continue what they had started on the phone, so his reply was a cold, "OHOHO!

That's all of the free time I have right now. Need to get this bird medical care ASAP, and standing around to continue this conversation is a bad idea."

Shy-kun was concerned, and saw room for him on the helicopter.

"M-may I ride with you? J-just to make sure it's ok~", he starts to ask.

"That's a WORSE idea.", Ojou-kun responds. No humor in his voice, no happiness, not even an ohoho. Just...dark coldness.

Shy-kun felt dejected as Ojou-kun motioned for his pilot to restart the helicopter.

"I promise this bird will be okay!", Ojou-kun calls out to Shy-kun as they take off.

Ojou-kun looks out the window as he flies back to the manor.

He knew Shy-kun was upset.

(I-I'm sorry, my dear President. I want to tell you, but...I have my reasons. I'm so sorry...), he thinks to himself, then bursts into tears.

"OOOHOHOHUUUH!", he cries, startling the pilot who had ear defenders on, making the heli tilt incidentally.

"Watch where you're flying!", Ojou-kun snaps with an anger vein popping out of his head as his teary eyes stared daggers at the back of the pilot's head.

"Gomenasai, milady!", the pilot responds.

(Note: The following takes place back in present day.)

"How could I have been so dumb?", Shy-kun remarks through choked sobs. The signs were right in front of him the whole time.

A certain bald-headed higher up walks up to him, saying, "You are not, Kamamori. It is our fault."

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