Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 13
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Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 13

It was a bright and sunny day at school. The air was crisp, and the sakura trees were shedding petals onto the brick walkway that led up to the main doors. All in all, it was your average day.

A black haired person with red eyes in a neko-meido outfit walks up to the gates, curious as to what place the school was.

We were dismissed from second period to have lunch. I had brought my own bento with rice, cucumbers, seaweed and natto.

I go to what will end up being the third period class, sit down at my desk, and eat. I didn't want to miss a second of class, but boy, was I hungry!

Someone knocks on the classroom door, and proceeds to walk in: It's Cringe-kun! "Sup, slick?", he says. I wave at him with my mouth full of food.

He grabs a chair, and sits with me, pulling out a box of his own. "Check out what my sister made.", he says with a grin, his brown eyes sparkling as he does so.

He opens it up to reveal a cuisine that'll make five star chefs rage.

"Is...I-I-Is that-!?", I stammer to say. He says "Yes. Duck L'Orange." with an expression so smug, I could almost see his nose protruding from his face. "HOW...", I say in disbelief.

"Believe it or not, we're not rich. My family has connections with a supermarket we get low end stuff out of. They import, we improvise.", he responds.

"Taiyuki nee-chan is one hell of a cook, hell, probably the best in our family, but she's lazy as hell, so this is a special occasion.", he continues.

I try not to notice his overuse of a certain word.

He then says "Wanna try it?". I say "H-Hai...", flabbergasted and salivating at the sight of it. "I wish it were a pretty older lady I were doing this to, but open wide, I guess. Haha...

", he says, holding the food in his chopsticks. Meanwhile, a certain homeroom teacher sitting at her desk stifles a sneeze.

As I chew his sister's cuisine, I could taste the pure tart and spice from the piece. I was in heaven. "Y-YOUR SISTER MUST BE AN ANGEL!", I exclaim. "No. No, she is not.", he coldly responds.

"How do you explain this, then!?", I say, still in shock. "Relax, man. The Motonoyas are all pretty talented cooks. I'm not as good as nee-chan, but I could definitely outlook you, at least.

", he says. I don't doubt what he says for a second. He says, "It's one of my talents. Besides being funny~". "No. No, you are not.", I riposte. I doubt everything he says now.

He ignores this statement and finishes his food off.

"Did you want some bento?", I ask, feeling guilty about not returning the favor. He says "Nah. You're good.", before getting up. "Oh, and remember: Meeting after this incoming period.

BEFORE FOURTH. Lates.", emphasizing how upset he was over the day where he was looking for me. He then exits the room as the bell rings.

After the class was over, I head to the student council room, where a certain student with light light-blue long hair was rushing back and forth with filing papers,

arranging them neatly with every distribution. "Ohayou! W-Welcome back!", he says with a blush upon noticing me.

Shy-kun works here now, and he's also the leader of the botany club, in which he's trying to get new members.

I wave at him, which makes him blush more in return.

Cringe-kun says to Prez-kun, "Now that the attendees are all present, you may now have the stage.". "Arigatou.", he says. "I have spotted what seems to be a cosplayer outside of campus.

She has stood outside the gates for over an hour. The principal and I have no clue as to what she wants, as every time we tried talking to her, she responded with pure nonsense.

", showing us pictures of the suspect.

"Looks like the cat is way out of its bag.", an obvious person says with an obvious response.

Shy-kun and I collectively sigh, and say "Classic Cringe-kun.", which was way out of character for Shy-kun.

This makes Shy-kun gasp in shock at what he just said, cupping his hands over his mouth. He starts to break down in tears. Prez-kun hits Cringe-kun over the head. HARD. "Ow!", he says.

Shy-kun comes up to me and hugs me, saying "I-I-I DON'T KNOW WHAT I JUST DID! I'M SO SORRY!". I hold him in return, saying, "Don't worry about it. Everyone responds that way to him.".

"Hey!", Cringe-kun responds, defeated yet again. "Everyone except for President Tenryou-san and the Alchemy teacher. I wonder why that is.", I finish.

Prez-kun clears his throat loudly, saying "If everyone is done, let's continue.". "Hai! Sumimasen!", we say to him, apologizing for the interruption.

"I am assigning you three on a task in the case of him reappearing. The principal is taking care of matters right now, but he may return. I want you all to do recon, and scout if you spot him.

Report to me once you get a hint of his motives. Dismissed!" We bow in response.

As I walk away from Shy-kun apologizing profusely to Cringe-kun in tears over what happened earlier, Prez-kun stops me at the exit of the student council room.

He says "I trust you the most with this assignment.". "What about Cringe-kun?", I respond. "Motonoya-san I do trust, yes, but you have composure unlike him.

Kamamori-san is too new, but if worth can be proven, this is a good place to start.", he says. "I won't let you down.", I say with a bow, as I head off to Alchemy.

Shy-kun finishes talking to Cringe-kun and follows me out the door. As we walk in the hallway, Shy-kun says "a-ano...if it's not too much trouble, m-may I have your c-c-c-con....c-co...

" "hm?", I respond. "Y-your c-c-contaaah", he tries to say, face redder than a beet. I have a hint as to what it is, but decide to let him finish. "Ugh.

", he groans, frustrated that he can't come out and say it. I take a wild guess, "My contact info?". He hiccups loudly upon me finishing his sentence, eyes wide.

He then slowly and nervously nods, trembling at how I might respond. "Sure.", I say calmly with a reassuring smile, letting him know it was alright.

"Arigatou!", he shouts with gratitude, on the verge of tears. Any louder, and we would probably get in trouble for disrupting peace. "Of course.", I respond.

"We'll have to wait, as cellphones are not allowed during school hours.", I add. He nods as we enter the Alchemy room and attend class. Time goes by until the final bell rings.

We head up to the rooftop where we both exchange info using our phones.

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