Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 11(3/4)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 11(3/4) adult stories

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For the record, Tsundere-kun didn't wash his hands.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 11(3/4)

(Note: This picks up immediately where Chapter 11-Part 2 left off.)

As the first period bell rang, we all walk out of the classroom. I look out into the hallway, and the two buckets were laying there. (I guess he went on to his class.

I may as well go to the bathroom while I got the chance.), I muse to myself.

As I walk inside, a loud thunderous roar of a sneeze rang the bathroom walls. I clenched my ear in pain as a response.

I stood in front of a urinal, and a shrieking gasp was heard as I instinctively closed my ears. Another deafening sneeze was let out from the nearby toilet stall, followed by a soft cough.

(Poor thing. I wonder who that desperate soul is.), I think to myself.

A few sniffles coming from the stall as I finished my business should have been enough to discern who it was. I knocked on the stall and ask whether or not they're okay.

The door opens, and the demon himself was looking up at me.

(I-I should've figured.), I think to myself. "No. My nose, my throat, my everything hurts.". I ask why. Tsundere-kun says "You of all people wouldn't understand. Baka.".

I ask "Is it allergies?", trying to act oblivious to any element of his earlier conversation. "N-no, Baka! Where did you get that idea!?", Tsundere-kun vehemently lies. "Ok, fine.

I guess since you won't talk to an idiot like me, I'll take my leave, then.", I say, as I start to turn around, and walk out of the bathroom.

Realizing this, a beet-red Tsundere-kun turns his head to the side, and says "Wait.". I stop dead in my tracks. He says "You didn't wash your hands.". "Oh, right. My apologies.

I'm such a little baka. Look at me doing dumb stuff (LOL).", I say with sarcasm, as I walk back over and clean my hands. He says softly after a long pause. "...I-I'm sorry.".

"Nani?", I retort in response. He walks up to me and says "I said I'm so...heh...*HAAAAAASHO!*".

"Not the most convincing apology.", I say, as I take a paper towel, and wipe off the damage that he just did to my uniform. "Look, I'm sorry for kicking you in the ball~" "Twice.", I said.

"Yes, twice. You could chalk that first one up to my evil twin.", he says, as we both laugh, me, out of fear that if I don't laugh with him, a third swift kick may come its way.

He then says "Yes, you were right.". I look at him for a second.

He says "I have a thing for dogs, but I can't get near one without sneezing a lot, so I pretty much have to stay away from them out of necessity.

Pretty ironic, isn't it?", giving a cute smile, as he rolls his olive gold eyes while looking up at me. He then blows his nose again, giving a light gag at the end.

(Even demons need redemption too, I guess.), I think to myself.)

I hand him some allergy medicine. "Here.", I say to him. He asks what it is.

I explain that while I'm not really severely allergic to anything, the weather outside can make my eyes itch to an irritable degree depending on the season, so I carry some on me, just in case.

"I don't know if it'll help, but~", I start to say, as he snatches it, puts it in his mouth, and heads over to the sink to swallow it down.". "Arigatou.", he says.

(I'm surprised that he is still allowed to use the men's restroom.), I think to myself.

I then feel a swift punch to my stomach knocking me off balance.

As I lose consciousness, he says as he leans over to my lowered posture until his face met mine, hands behind his back in a cutesy pose, "Be grateful it wasn't your nether this time.

Oh, and if you tell anyone that I like dogs, it WILL be the next time.

Got it?", he says with a sweet smile as he bends back up, pivots, and walks out of the bathroom, his hips swaying with each elegant step.

I clutch the place where he punched me, and there was a crumpled up piece of paper that wasnt there before.

It was a note with his address on it, as he had no cellphone, but I wouldn't know that until I woke up.

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