Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 11(1/4)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 11(1/4) adult stories

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Believe it or not, this is the longest chapter to date. As much as I enjoyed writing it, I hope to never do it again.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 11(1/4)

It is yet another wonderful morning at our school, and homeroom hasn't started yet. The bell has rung, but our teacher is late.

I wonder where she could be, but in the meantime, I guess the class has complete freedom. Let's just hope it doesn't border on anarchy.

I was sitting at my desk (located in the middle row of the class, for those that were wondering), and looked over to the left.

A face that I never thought I would see again is now sitting at his desk with a remodeled wider seat the principal had funded to accommodate his figure.

Something feels off about the pink haired bundle of rage, however.

Tsundere-kun is looking out the window. A string of mucus is hanging out of his nose, threatening to drip on his desk below. As a tear drops from his reddened eyes, he sniffles.

(I feel happy knowing that he's finally getting his devil's due.), I think to myself, not even daring to say it out loud in front of him for risk of a third kick.

Another face I usually don't see often for a different reason (Playing hooky and using the school track at inappropriate times) taps him on the shoulder: It's Tomboy-kun, who sits behind him.

"WUT.", Tsundere-kun turns around and says to him coldly. "Oh, nothing. I just noticed you looking out the window, crying. You know what I like to do when I'm feeling down?", he says.

(Run?), both me and Tsundere-kun think. I know it's rude to listen in on another person's conversation, but I really wanted to know why Tsundere-kun was such a dick...

and see whether or not he was capable of holding a conversation.

"Baka...", Tsundere-kun started to say. "I like to run my worries away. It's no use thinking. Just need to act!", Tomboy-kun finishes with quite the sunny grin. "Baka...

" Tsundere-kun says again. As Tomboy-kun starts to say "I couldn't hear what you sai~", a loud "BAKAYAROU!" pierced the room, coming from Tsundere-kun, who finished it with a sniff.

(I knew it was going to end this way.), I think to myself.

I turn my head toward the rest of the class, who were completely oblivious to his outburst. (How did they not hear that!?), I think, expressing shock.

I try to think nothing of it as I continue listening. "My bad. I guess that running is not for everybody, huh?", Tomboy-kun says.

(Don't fucking apologize to that little Oni! You did nothing wrong.), I think to myself, mortified by Tsundere-kun's actions.

Tsundere-kun turns to the side and sniffles loudly, saying "No, it's not that I'm sad, or anything...baka.".

Tomboy-kun starts, "Then what IS the probl~" "The thing is, you see, I played with a dog before coming to school.", Tsundere-kun says with a blush, embarrassed by admitting his love for dogs.

"Also, you know you shouldn't interrupt a lady while she's speaking.", Tsundere-kun continues with a sweet but obviously congested manner of speaking due to a stuffy nose.

This almost made me jump out of my seat.

(What!? WHAT!? He is now playing that card after giving me hell about seeing him as a woman!? Are you fucking kidding me!!?

), I damn near screeched, but, maintaining decorum, I clear my throat, and continue listening instead without saying a word. "I'm sorry, ma'~", Tomboy-kun starts.

A demonic glare from Tsundere-kun prevents him from finishing that sentence. "I forgive you...", Tsundere-kun says with a mischievous grin "...on one condition.", he finishes.

Tomboy-kun looks at him quizzically. "Got any tissues?", Tsundere-kun asks. "I was supposed to keep this in case of emergencies, but...

", Tomboy-kun says as he pulls out a fresh clean pack of tissues.

Tsundere-kun immediately snatched the whole pack, ripped it open, turned around facing forward and blew his nose. "Ugh. A-arigatou...baka.", he replies.

Tomboy-kun, with his face in shock, laments the loss of his tissue pack. "'s nothing.", he says with a nervous chuckle.

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