So, I hope you all have got the answer to the question "does Ouija board exists??".
Does Ouija board really works??? ouija board stories

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Do you believe in spirits??
Do you want to know about ouija board??
Then read this true incident of mine where I met an intelligent spirit.

Source: “‘Intelligent spirit in the Ouija board’” by Rachna Verma

So, I hope you all have got the answer to the question "does Ouija board exists??".

Does Ouija board really works???

Does Ouija board really works??? I asked my best friends Vasu and Khyati "what they think about ouija board".

Both were very over smart so they answered smarty "Yeah, it exist, we used to play with this in our childhood".

I got very excited after hearing their statement. I requested them to tell me how to use the ouija board.

Vasu explained me in detail that we need some cardboard in which we are going to write alphabets from A to Z, numbers from 0 to 9 and in centre a big yes and no option.

To Operate it we need a cap of water bottle. Till now I was so excited that I can't wait any longer, so we decided to make this Ouija board in our games period which was just after the recess.

The play ground in our school was pretty big and one of the corner of the school boundary, there was a tall mango tree surrounded by grasses. Nobody used to go there.

So we three went there and sat on the ground with our handmade Ouija board. Now we have to call the nearby spirit.

Vasu asked khyati and me " Do you want to invite any relative's spirit?".Suddenly, in excitement I said yes, I want to call my paternal uncle whom I love alot and he suicide in young age .

Vasu and Khyati agreed. We kept our forefinger on the cap and asked our uncle to come. 2-3 times we tried but nothing happened. I got disappointed.

Vasu said let's call some nearby spirit. So we said together "Any nearby spirit please do come, we want to ask you something. If some spirit is here, then say yes".

We repeated this sentence 2 times and suddenly the cap goes to Yes and stopped. Goosebumps are all over my body.

We asked him what's his name and the cap goes to the alphabet D, then to O-N-I-V. I thought ohh it's a Christian soul. Then, Khyati and vasu asked the spirit about our annual exam percentage.

The spirit answered it with very average marks. Then, Vasu and Khyati keep on asking that how many boys have crush on them. Finally, I asked "do my crush Ashish loves me?".

And the spirit said "yes". With this yes the final bell rings and we realized that we missed our 2 lectures of chemistry as well.

Now we have to rush towards our buses, so Khyati and I looked towards vasu, she said to the spirit that now u should leave, thanks for coming.

We asked r u leaving, the cap points towards yes and then the cap doesn't moved.

We rushed towards the school buses. I was upset about my marks prediction but little bit happy that my crush also likes me.

We three became habitual of talking to the spirits. We keep on using the ouija board on daily basis and asking every little stupid things.

One day vasu said that we can also call the spirit into our pen and then pen will start writing by it's own.

The same eveving, I thought of calling my uncle's spirit into the pen. So as soon as I call him, pen automatically start writing his name as ' VINOD',.

Then tried to ask him why he left us and tell him that we miss him. But the answer that I got from that pen was very different.

That pen was continously writing that ' I am a spirit and my name is VINOD.

It was 7 'o clock in the evening, so I asked the spirit to leave now. But the answer written by that pen was enough for my goosebumps to appear. The spirit said 'NO'.

I asked ' Why?'.

The spirit replied: I am with you from the first day you called me in the school, that time I told you my name in reverse alphabetical order as DONIV( VINOD).

Ohhh my god!!!! I start crying and begging to him please leave now, I am sorry I called you. I was very much afraid of my parents, What I am gonna tell them.

Suddenly, my mom enters the room to invite me for the dinner. I called vasu and explained everything.

She suggested to keep that pen in the temple of our home and decided to find the solution tomorrow in the school .

That night was a nightmare for me. Anyhow, sun rised and I was the first person to reach the school. I was very tensed till recess time.

During the recess time Vasu and Khyati took the pen and asked my uncle's spirit "what you want from us, we are your children, why you are troubling us."

The pen starts writing in the same beautiful handwriting that was owned by my uncle " I want your father to take me to my native place.

I want to kill my mother and wife as they are the reason for my suicide."

I requested him to leave as I can't help him, it was not possible for us to tell whole story to our parents.

I was crying like hell.After looking at my face, Khyati took that pen and went alone to the last bench and ask us to stay away.

After 15 mins she broke that pen and throw it's broken pieces in all the four direction.

After looking at our expressionless faces, she explained : "Your uncle wants to teach us a lesson that not to do these types of unnatural stuffs. It might be dangerous.

Spirits are living in their own world, disturbing them unnecesary will cost you alot. I promise him that we will not play this Ouija board and spirit game ever again, please forgive us and leave.


He agreed to leave and asked to break that pen and throw its parts in four direction.

I was so relieved after hearing her. And felt so proud that my uncle's spirit is also so intelligent.

So, I hope you all have got the answer to the question "does Ouija board exists??".

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