Camouflage: A Poem
Camouflage: A Poem poem stories

rachelspell 27. Creative Writing Major.
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A poem about a young woman, sociable and well-loved, but always in hiding.

Camouflage: A Poem

Her smile, the perfect camouflage.

A cover up like the powder she wears.

Making herself into someone else.

Clinging to the idea that no one cares.

Don't bother them.

Liquid lipstick, a bold cherry red.

Leaving a stain on a crystal clear glass.

Pour another so she can be funny.

They like her flirtatious jokes, her sass.

It's all bullshit.

A favor here, a gift there.

Her debts can't always be easily paid.

She owes everyone, not with money.

Expectations that make her afraid.

Just can't do it.

Short skirt, left vulnerable.

Better to show skin than show heart.

She chooses what parts to expose.

Mouth sealed tight, legs spread apart.

It doesn't matter.

The truth, it needs protection.

Terrified of letting herself be seen.

Hiding is the safest way to live.

No one would guess since she leads like a queen.

Trust no one.

Her smile, the perfect camouflage.

Better she laugh than start to cry.

Anything to help her blend in.

Don't get to know her, don't even try.

Maybe in another life.

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