Velocity: Chapter One
Velocity: Chapter One highschool stories

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You know that typical love story where the guy gets the girl? And somehow even though they're from two different cliques, they make it work? And it ends with a very uncomfortable making out scene? Yeah well this story is not that.

Velocity: Chapter One

You know that typical love story where the guy gets the girl? And somehow even though they're from two different cliques, they make it work?

And it ends with a very uncomfortable making out scene? Yeah well this story is not that.

It started in AP Calculus. A class that has fifty seats, and yet I chose to sit next to Josh Rubin.

Or more precisely I was forced to sit next to Josh Rubin, seeing as that was the only seat left. And well from that moment on, it was a piece of cake.

"So Maia, guess you've finally succumbed to the charms of a jock." Josh joked as I begrudgingly unpacked my textbook on the desk.

"Yes, Josh. I am completely obsessed with you. If I were you I would be terrified to see my binder-- wouldn't want to spoil the surprises for our wedding."

"Oh come on I don't mind. Maybe I could give you some advice on the dress because well the way you're dressed right now could use some help."

I looked down at the mess of sweatpants and an old My Chemical Romance t-shirt and attempted at starting a comeback, but frankly, Josh was correct.

My appearance this morning was another result of the fight I had gotten into with my mom, which then also made me late and eventually forced me into this terrible desk arrangement.

"Good morning class", Mr. James announced, "I hope you all are very comfortable in your desks because those will be your permanent seats for this year."

Oh shit. A whole year with Josh in an AP class. What's next? France is thinking of bringing the guillotine back? Russia thought it may be a good idea to try out communism again?

"Why the long face Edwards? Can't decide between lace or tulle?"

"More like can't decide if it would hurt more if I stabbed your eye with a pencil or a pen."

"I would vote for the pen. The ink would go everywhere and they would probably have to take the eye out leaving me with an eyepatch or a glass eye.

So, not only would you hurt me physically but with that amount of trauma to the eye, my doctor would say I can't play sports anymore, and poof I'm off the basketball team.

And just like that Edwards, you dragged me down to the bottom of the high school food chain. I would have to sit with the band geeks. All that with just one pen."

"Yeah, so now imagine what I could do with a ruler."

"Is there something you would like to share with the class, Mr. Rubin?" Mr. James said in his gravelly voice.

"Well, there are many things I would like to share. Y'know my talent. My charisma. But most of all I think all of you could use my presence in AP Calc because I truly brighten up the place."

"Yes, Mr. Rubin I'm sure without you here we wouldn't be able to learn about limits without simply boring ourselves to death."

"You're welcome," Josh said while rising and taking a bow.

How could one person fit so much arrogance? I mean I know he's 6'2 but gosh there's just so much of it.

"Ok class let's get back to limits. We're already very far behind." Mr. James continued in his smoker's voice.

After a very long first period, I could finally get back to some peace and quiet. Thank god seniors are required to have a free period in the morning, so I could get a chance to eat something.

The vending machines were stocked with ramen, candy bars, and some healthy looking trail mix. I put in a dollar and took out my Milky Way from the slot.

I searched for an empty classroom, but they were all filled with other seniors or classes for some really short freshman.

Realizing that the courtyard was also probably filled, I walked to the only place that was probably empty: the gym.

Usually, it smelled like sweat and it would've if not for the freshly waxed and cleaned floors meant to give the illusion that's how it would look every day.

I opened the wrapper of my milky way and took a bite. It wasn't the most ideal breakfast but the sugar helped. I took my earbuds and schedule out of my bag and played some Sinatra.

I checked my schedule and saw that my next period would be AP Lit. on the same side of campus so I had some time to spare before I had to leave the gym.

I layed down on the hard bleachers and closed my eyes listening to the booming voice of "My Way". I thought about my flight this morning with my mom. I felt bad, but not bad enough to apologize.

She was upset because I took on two AP Classes. Apparently me trying to challenge myself is a bad thing, because after someone has a nervous breakdown they're not allowed to take AP's.

She doesn't understand that there's a difference between Calculus and death.

Yeah I know it's pretty depressing. My aunt died over the summer and I didn't know how to deal with it. She was the exact opposite of my mom.

Witty, adventurous, empathetic, and yet diseases don't discriminate. She died from Leukemia and left me with my mom and brother.

She loved Sinatra, we would listen to him in the car after getting slushies from 7-11. I listened to the chorus of "Come Fly With Me" and let my body relax.

"Maia. Maia. Maaaiaa." someone said while pulling out my earbuds.

I got up, back hurting from the hard bleachers.

"What?" I said in a barely audible voice.

"Sorry to interrupt your beauty sleep, which I promise you is much needed, but Lit.

is starting in like a minute and as much as I think Shakespeare will still exist even if you're not there to witness his work, I was wondering if Dickens might." the same voice said.

As I started to get up and wipe the grogginess from my eyes I realized who had woken me up. Josh. It was Josh fucking Rubin. As if the day couldn't have gotten worse.

"How did you even know that I'm in Lit Josh? What are you stalking me?"

"Well that's beside the point but I may have distracted the teacher while she was calling attendance," Josh answered as I gathered my bag and half-eaten candy bar.

"What did you do?"

"Well if you walk faster you might see."

I started running, my head filling with multiple scenarios of different ways he could've delayed attendance, but as I slowed down I realized I was soaked.

Like not just with sweat, but truly soaked. I paused for a moment and heard the sirens. I could hear Josh's sneakers sliding behind me.

"So what do you think?" He said grinning.

"I think you're insane."

"Yeah, but that's why you love me, Edwards. Come on let's go before people start getting suspicious. Everyone's outside in the parking lot.

" He took my hand, slippery with water, and we ran down the stairwells meeting a huge group of drenched high schoolers in the parking lot, while Principal Lee talked with the firefighters,

informing them it was just a false alarm.

I looked at Josh in disbelief while he looked at me with pure glee.

"For me, Josh? Why?"

"Oh don't flatter yourself. It's our senior year, did you really think I would let the first day pass smoothly? Come on, you know me better than that."

And with that, we both walked to the group of students who were hoping for a normal AP Lit class.

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