Don't Get Comfortable
Don't Get Comfortable trauma stories

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For all the times I wanted to love someone

Don't Get Comfortable

I really wanted to love you, but for some reason I just couldn't get comfortable in the passenger seat of your car,

no matter how many times I adjusted the endless combinations and configurations of backward and forward, or changed the lumbar support setting,

or pointed the air conditioning vent away from me and cracked the window, which always made a small whining sound as it slipped down inside the door,

a sound that's always just a little too human to not be unsettling, and then I have to try desperately not to follow that train of thought,

because it always leads me back to the time I got locked in my dark bathroom as a child, too young to figure out the lock, desperately reaching out in the darkness,

praying that my fingertips would brush against something warm and familiar, something I could hold onto and pretend everything was ok, but only cold porcelain and glass met my frightened grasp,

alone in the dark with dripping faucets, and even though I found my way out all those years ago, every time your window cries a part of me is holding on to the bathroom sink,

and I blame my mood on restless legs and the air from your vents that smell slightly of the time you spilled chinese food,

But I just need you to know, I really did try

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