I Am Recovering
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Petals of dried flowers, They drip down my face,

I Am Recovering

Petals of dried flowers,

They drip down my face,

Memories of an uneasy past,

Make my heart constantly race.

I am not broken.

The clouds, they roll on,

I hear the words of my lovers song,

Though I am afraid that nothing at all,

Can outscream what is deeply wrong.

I am just damaged.

I can scrub at my skin,

Rubbed raw and burning,

But I still feel stained with their sin,

Their hands are still lurking.

I am not broken.

My nightmares they haunt,

I think of them day by day,

Their faces they still taunt,

The nights they seem countless.

I am just damaged.

Would you throw me away?

A flower with petals torn,

I may not be as pretty,

But I do not hold a thorn.

I am not broken.

Like a witch uses petals,

I try to heal others damage,

Whether it be physical or mental,

I only live to heal others.

I am just damaged.

The invisible scars they have tainted,

They do not define me,

My skin has been painted,

By the man who has loved me.

I am on my journey of recovery.

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