You Shouldn't Have to
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rach1314 Community member
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When someone finding you, means they might have to lose them self, how do you tell them they are better off without you?

You Shouldn't Have to

There is a darkness that lies beneath the light I shine,

And I'm scared if I open up to you, you'll fall in,

I'll drown you in the waves that I'm suffocating under.

All I want is to see you fly.

How can I chain me to you, while I dig myself deeper,

and watch you try to climb.

If I showed you the blackness that exists when the lights go down,

Would you be able to see me through it?

If you listened to the voices that scream out when the silence sets in,

Would you be able to hear me through it?

If you knew how hard I have to try to crawl through the webs that strangle me,

Would you be able to walk with me through them?

You shouldn't have to.

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