Good Heart
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rabbit Its hard to talk in real life, not here
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Kindness is a philosophy that can save any heart, and staying soft makes any heart as strong as stone.

Good Heart

by rabbit

For as long as I can remember, I've been kind

Kind in the way that makes your heart sing, that fills a cold body with warmth for the first time in ages. The kind that is soft.

But while a good heart may be soft, it is not weak. No, it is far, far from it.

There is no flaw in wishing to see the world as happy, and setting your heat that way takes a ferocious degree of strength and courage. Goodness is not a trait, it is a choice.

It may seem scary to choose to breathe the air this way; there's always the threat that other people may not be so kind, that they may crush your glowing heart.

But when you seek out the truth in love and joy, there is no way to take away the resilient, effervescent sunshine emanating from your soul.

So offer your hand those who need it, give a smile and a laugh where you can, let loose all the wonderful love you've been holing up in your heart.

Stay soft.

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