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My first poem on here, I used a DrSeuss like format to convey an Emotion within me.


A window is open

Wind travels free

landscape beyond what

The eye can see.

Barren and left

For nature’s destruction,

There’s nothing around

To cause an obstruction

No ocean’s commotion

Not a tree to be seen

The land was just plain

Nothing was green

No love in the air

No life on the ground

No sound anywhere

There was nothing around

The window still open

As the eye peers through

Wondering what,

it has stumbled on to

Strangely this land

Reminded the eye

Of itself in a way

That it could not describe

It encompassed its feelings

as it could now tell so

it set up its home

in its homegrown hell

There's comfort in

What we find familiar so

We choose to stick by

Things that are similar.

The eye went on living

As all beings do

Never fully seeing

What it could amount to.


A window is closed

No wind blows at all

There's nothing to see

But one standing wall

The silence now eery

As all stands still

A note lay upon the wall’s


“I realize now as I draw my final breath

That the life I have lead,

Is similar to death”

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