Him/He/His By qveencerina
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qveencerina Swallow Opinions and Speak Truth🦋
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For a couple months this special someone has made me feel happy everyday and he paints my heart with bright colors with just a smile and charges me up without a battery🖤This is for that special someone I get to call MINE

Him/He/His By qveencerina

He is bold broken boy boastful beautiful blooming and bighearted

He is always in my thought bubble He is pretty unpredictable proud to prattle about random subjects

He is Flamboyant

He likes my imperfections My eyes like to gaze at him His eyes are stars I look up to because I am shorter than him

Just look into my eyes and you see color Brown (Yes these are my real eyes)

The melanin we both share.

I was once afraid to walk through this storm

storms of previous lovers. But I loved the sound of his thunder

His lips remind me of coffee on a rainy morning Calming me even during the worst times

He pulled me out of this storm and showed me that rain and sunshine would create such beautiful things over time

He became my umbrella

He stopped the rain

Became the water to my desert

And the light to my darkness

I love you -A💎

I often ask myself what did I do to deserve him

The answer is everything

His arms wrap me into warmth

The beat of his heart gives me life

He is someone I am proud of

He gives me butterflies

Good butterflies

That fly around my stomach and grow inside my heart

I love you

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