HER By Quintin Queeman

By Quintin Queeman

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Her beauty, her charm, her smile, her voice what you see in her I can never compete. -•- @poeatt

HER By Quintin Queeman

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I cried on your chest On many sleepless nights

My world is complete Taking our love to new heights

But you left me for her You called me a mistake

Now I’m reminiscing our love A distraught road I must take

Been 6 months and some space Only spoken here and there

I’ve been good, school & work I still think about you, to be fair

I went out to a party tonight I could use a little adventure

Dancing in a crowd of strangers Looked over & there you were

You haven’t changed much Baby stubble around your chin

Not a woman could resist You’re sweet smile and grin

You bumped into my shoulder Spilling two cold beers

Our light blue eyes met But I saw her standing there

You came and spoke Hey how’ve you been

But she demanded you leave A love war from within

Bright red freckled faces Posed in awe

Waiting on the answer We’ve come this far

The conclusion at last He says I am going to be blunt

He turns to me and whipers It was always you that I want

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