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quincyhayes Community member
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What does it feel like to be insane.


What is it like to be insane? The feeling of being locked away mentally? Constantly imagining the possible "what if's" good and bad? Reliving past experiences with regret?

Imagining your own death in many ways.

Always thinking about and fearing the unknown? Is it questioning the things that everyone accepts as "reality"? Is it barely being able to tell the difference between dreaming and being awake?

Experiencing weird sensations mentally and physically.

Could it be the effect of quitting drugs abruptly after years of abuse? Maybe insanity is the result of drastically changing your lifestyle.

Does it come with occasional vertigo and panic attacks? Could it be the frequent periods of zoning out into space whilst overthinking every aspect of life?

Possibly hearing random music inside your head throughout the day? When your insane, is it hard to remain fully focused?

Is it the lifelong challenge of attempting to discover who you really are deep down inside? Is being insane a battle with depression, anxiety, anger, and self doubt?

Is it the reason I make impulsive decisions or at times can't make a simple decision between two colors.

Maybe Insanity is just simply the result of making absolutely no progress towards your goal in life while attempting the same task over and over again.

Maybe its the same situation even when you try something different. I don't know what insanity is for someone else is.

I know I can look up the definition of insanity, but I know my definition... my understanding, of insanity. Am I insane? Or is society itself insane?

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