Flesh prompt. All rights reserved
Flesh prompt.

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Tw: gore.

Flesh prompt. All rights reserved

Some days, it's better than others. Some days, it's only a few pieces of skin, tiny particles drifting onto the ground like snowflakes.

Other days, it’s strips: flesh, blood, nerves falling to the ground like dead animals.

And then it all comes off, and I am born again. There’s no obvious difference. My eyes are wilder, and my skins soft like a babes.

I don't know why this happened. I know I was sitting on the ground in the front yard, the breeze cool. It started to rain. The drops were shinier than I’d ever seen before.

I went inside, and that's when it all began.

That's when my skin started to fall. When I started to be reborn, and lose all my friends. When doctors stared at me in disbelief.

It all began with the rain.

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