The winds of hope
The winds of hope pollution stories

queenofthebugs Poetry of hope for a better world
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The winds of hope

The wind brought new hopes Although it was just a blow of polluted air Heavily loaded with carbonic gases and suspended solids It was difficult to breathe…

The children and the old ones gasped among the dark curtain of gases The stronger, in the middle of their life and with more robust lungs, just coughed These confused humans knew their predecessors did wrong

The former generations depleted the planet resources In an unconscious rampage of consumption What was not wasted, was ruined

They have to drink poisoned water Heavy metals, toxins, Bacteria, rotten substances They can see the sun above, through the dark clouds Its rays burn As the ozone layer has vanished almost in its entirety

Technology and amenities had a high price Ancestors enjoyed for money This generation pays with their health

Where is such hope in the wind, then? Mankind just don’t want to die

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