The last chapter of his life
The last chapter of his life life stories
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queenofthebugs Poetry of hope for a better world
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Art reference: La persistencia de la memoria by Salvador Dali

The last chapter of his life

The brave man has finally crossed the river Uncountable battles stayed behind Many stories of success and disappointment He really did all he could

He was young when he jumped into the troubled river Strong, Full of ambition and determination

Many years after He is finally standing on the opposite border Now he feels tired

His offspring on the side he left Sacrifices, sweat and blood The grave of his wife A story of love... Love for his family Love for the woman who gave birth to his kids, The woman he kissed and hugged many times

His kids are adults now And are ready to jump into the same river The cycle is repeated

The brave man finds himself alone On the other border of the river of life He asks many questions himself Worried, Scared, Confused, Alone

The dusk of his life has begun What was meant to be a moment of reward and recognition is just a sad hour of anxiety and concerns Why I went through all this? – he asks himself Why so much eagerness? What is the outcome of such Odyssey?

On his tired knees, he falls down His eyes have lost the bright of life He gazes at his wrinkled hands Clenching his teeth he lets out the last sparkles of bravery And prepares himself for the last chapter of his life

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