Once Young
Once Young  youth stories

queenofthebugs Poetry of hope for a better world
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Art reference: Ariadne, by Giorgio de Chirico

Once Young

Just like the ancient morning star Whose connotation is diffuse At times she seems well oriented At times she lives to seduce

She looks at her reflection in the mirror Smiles at her own sensuality No place for the minimal error She spins to see all her shapes

Aging was her worst nightmare The thought of her radiant hair turning gray Stains or wrinkles on her young skin That would certainly be her worst day!

Hers was the world back then The curvy silhouette of her female body True inspiration for all men All of her movements were perfection

But nothing in the universe is eternal, Everything is in constant change Even the suns with their billions of ages Go through a sequence of transformations And they collapse when the moment arrives

She is not the exception. Time went fast, And it eroded her beauty in a blink With a smile full of trust, she still remembers who's the woman in the mirror Deep in her memory, she remains the same

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