My little boy
My little boy son stories
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queenofthebugs Poetry of hope for a better world
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My little boy

Once you and I were tied Physically and mentally The seed that your father planted within me And sprouted in my womb

After nine months together, we had to be separated You would follow your path And I would continue with mine Yet always walking together, Holding your little hand

I prepared your meals I bathed and dressed you I took care of you when you didn't feel well I stayed awake many times protecting your sleep Driving away the fears that made you feel insecure

Your happiness was all the retribution I needed Your smile made me wanted to live Your sweet voice was my reason to keep on fighting Until one day...

God decided it was the time to call your soul I will never understand this, Why so soon? No matter how many times I ask this question The answer won't bring you back anyway

My little boy You could've been a wonderful man Rest in peace, my little boy Our souls shall reunite once again Somewhere... sometime

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