Living Among the Dead
Living Among the Dead  manila north cemetery stories

queenofthebugs Poetry of hope for a better world
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Dedicated to the inhabitants of Manila North Cemetery, in the Philippines

Living Among the Dead

Life is certainly hard for everyone, But it may enrage with some Society's scum has improvised a neighborhood Inside the large graveyard, they built their home

This is one bizarre place where optimism stalls They have accepted a fate that they cannot overcome Intertwined with colorful tombs and stacked burial vaults Manila North Cemetery is also a busy slum

Desecrated mausoleums Profaned graves Serve as the apartments Of tired mothers, unsuccessful men... ... restless children and a hopeless youth

One of the strangest human settlements Where misery shows one of its many unpleasant faces People sharing this dismal habitat With the ones who passed away

We are persons after all And we succumb to our most basic needs Food, clothing, shelter And a safe place to sleep Dry bones and rotting carcasses Might not care about the invasion

A world of limited opportunities Life is a precious gift, yet the right to enjoy it is denied to some The little girl sleeps and dreams Next to her mother's warmth

Maybe one day she'll wake up In a different place and a different date Surrounded by a less indifferent humanity Where opportunities are equal for all

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