Hopeless Mother
Hopeless Mother mother stories

queenofthebugs Poetry of hope for a better world
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Hopeless Mother

She is a person who I love She is special to me All of a sudden, my world got a shove From sadness and pain, nobody is free

Our most terrible fear became real What was a suspicion, is now confirmed With this horrible tribulation we will have to deal And tragical news for a mother infirmed

I can't even say The word that names her disease She's been fading away Can anyone help us, please?

My family is depressed and overwhelmed Prayings, tears Her weak and pale body lies on the bed Will she stay with us? For how many more years?

We are suffering so much The doctors said she's too feeble for any treatment She is hopeless, and as such They sent her home, to be consumed by this torment

I need an answer Can't stand watching the woman who carried me in her womb Lose the battle against cancer Her impending death, in my heart there is only gloom

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