Dilemma of Fallacies
Dilemma of Fallacies fallacies stories

queenofthebugs Poetry of hope for a better world
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Dilemma of Fallacies

They need leaders To protect them from themselves A mass of naive believers Working hard to provide for their oppressors

An invisible menace The real enemies are the ones in charge Powerful jaws mutilate their beliefs The rulers shall control the media to dominate with lies Fear is instilled The reality is distorted

Humanity lives its darkest hour The resources become scarce Overpopulation, limited opportunities Machines replacing people Yet babies continue to be born Their parents still have hope... But, what world shall they inherit?

Anarchy prevails in the ideological battlegrounds Each one tries to impose what they consider ethical, fair or correct Biased opinions, Double standards

Justice is an illusion Nobody asked you if you wanted to be born, Where, When, Or which parents you wanted.

Now you are here, face to face with the hypocrite beast called society As for what is righteous, it only depends on the eyes you use to watch.

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