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Finding You: Part One


the matter

finding you: pt. 1

Have you ever thought why people say, "I am one with the sky," or "flowers are the best gifts for occasions"? I have a theory. A theory on simplicity, on matter and on souls. I think our souls are made up of matter which is simple and undefined. To put it simply, our souls are made up of many things. Many simple things.

Maybe that's why we feel comfortable, we love the most, and we accept things as they are, even the plainest ones. The simplest things, which stir the deepest, heaviest parts of our souls, matter the most. Our souls are consciously and unconsciously attracted to those things which widen and deepen our existence and the search of its meaning.

Whether it's holding the hand of the one we love or staring into their eyes; betting which raindrop would win the race down a window pane;

Gazing at the celestial moving bodies above; watching a sprout grow out below;

Smelling the earth's freshness and the sea's salty breath; catching a whiff of freshly brewed coffee or tea;

finding out the hidden meaning behind every flower species; a friend's embrace or a stranger's courtesy.

Even the most mechanical yet natural thing- sleep-we appreciate it all.

It's these things which awaken us to love and feel grateful, all the more. We know these little things belong to the simple matter that makes up our souls, and vice versa- we belong to them; we are home with them. And it's by these little things which prove that the simplest can make a soul feel the greatest.


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