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queeniebeanie ♤charlie jane lancaster♤
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Something I wrote a while ago. The truth is I couldn't protect the love I had.



I kept this love for you hidden in my veins like drugs or alcohol, like you could just find it on my breath if I leaned in too close or too soon. I blink and I hear your voice/feel your touch. I blink and I can almost rewind to those sweet winter days, the spring, the summer, the days you called me beautiful. Falling for you was not seasonal. it was yearlong and so heavy-lidded and blissful.

I still want to grow old with you. I want to ask you, "Honey, did you feed the fish?" I want to go on our one-hundredth date and still get butterflies. I want to look into those beautiful eyes and know that right then, right there, I'm looking at my whole fucking world. I want to wake up with your body so tangled with mine we could be mistaken for a singular, otherworldly being. I want the purest softest love the universe can muster.

You make me sure of one thing, and that is that love transcends. Period.

Everything about you is a reminder of what love is to me. And I want to protect that love more than anything in the world, okay?


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