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queenbean22 Real name: Kalani I just like this name.
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Imagine you’re moving away from all of your friends. Depressing, right? Well think of this. The crush you used to have on the boy that moved last year, ends up being your neighbor. Well, this is really similar. You don’t know the boy, but you fall in love. What would you do?

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Imagine Your Crush

by QueenBean22!

This is one of my pretty short stories, because I have written twice as much before. I tend to do that a lot. Enjoy!

Hey, I'm Jada. My full name is Jada Jocelyn Brown. I'm 15, going on 16 in 2 weeks. I live in Los Angeles, and I'm in high school. I have old friends, and new ones coming, too.

But I have to leave the old ones to meet the new. Basically what I'm saying, is that I am moving. Away from my old friends, from my old school.

I'm transferring to this big high school called Lowel.

I am with my mom, my twin sister, and my big brother.

My sister's name is Vicky. Her full name is Vicki Jay Brown, but she prefers to be called Vicky and it has to be spelled with a "Y". Oh, and she also likes the name Vick, too.

My brother's name is Elijah Anthony Brown. He prefers to be called E or Eli.

Anyway, here's what's happening right now.

My mom is making sure the movers were packing up everything. My brother, sister and I were helping the movers load the car.

We pulled the seats up in the front, and we fit as much as possible in the car. After all of the things were in the car, and in the moving van, there were only 3 seats left in the car.

"I'll just sit on the boxes, then." Vicki mumbled.

"No, no. I'll ride in the moving truck. You hang with Mom and Eli. I'll see you when we get to the house." I said.

"Okay. Seeya." Vicki said, closing the car door.

I walked over to the moving van, and I knocked on the car door.

"Yes, Jada?" The man said

"Hey, Matt. Can I ride with you guys? There's no space in the car."

"Ok. Hop in." Matt said, helping me into the huge truck.

Then we all rode to our new home...


"Koran, are you ready to meet your new neighbors? They're coming any minute now!" Tatianna yelled up the stairs.

"Coming, mom!" Koran yelled back.

Koran sprints down the stairs. His mother hands him a batch of cookies.

"When they arrive, give them the homemade cookies your grandma made. Then you hang out with them as I get ready for work." Tatianna explained.

"Okay, mom."

Koran walked outside and stood in front of his new neighbors' porch...

When he saw who stepped out of the moving truck, he fell in love at first sight.

When Jada stepped out of the truck, she froze.

She immediately fell in love with the mysterious boy she sees on her porch steps...

I'm just introducing people. Imagine your crush on the next chapter..


QueenBean22 👸🏾❤️

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