Baby Blues 3
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There you go, Baby BLUES 3, HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!

Baby Blues 3

Did Pam really die in the waiting room?

Come on, let's get on to this story!

Mary, Sam and John were freaking out, They rushed to the emergency room, with Pam on the emergency bed!

Ofcourse, Sam had to wait outside with his dad. The doctors checked her heart beat , She wasn't breathing! The doctors had to give her surgery.

After a few more surgeries, Luckily she was ok, But the doctors said that she had to be taking her medicines so that she does not get ill again!

Everyone returned home, happy and exhausted from the big experience with Pam at the hospital! They were all going to sleep but before they did, Pam took her medicine. By the way Pam would have not slept in her bed, She would have slept in her brother's bed, because the remains of Baby BLUES are still in her crib, We would not like her to get Baby BLUES again!


By: Aubrey Brown November, 6 2020 Jamaican Author

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