Chapters 3 and 4 of The Abused Luna
Chapters 3 and 4 of The Abused Luna mate stories
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Join us on a journey filled with pain, heartbreak, and love as two people, A broken girl who is being abused and an alpha who wants his mate.

Chapters 3 and 4 of The Abused Luna

Chapter 3 : Why me?

As the last bell of the day rang, I walked out of the school building pondering about Jace. "Jennifer!", a somewhat familiar voice called. I turned around and saw Jace running up to me.

I saw his abs through his white see-through shirt and mentally drooled.' Snap out of it!' my subconscious said.

" Um, Jennifer?" "Oh, hi there Jace", I said, acting like I wasn't checking him out a couple seconds ago.

" So, can I drop you off?", said Jace looking at me " No! I mean no thank you, my house is not that far away from here" I rushed out, trying to end this conversation quickly.

"Um, okay?" said Jace, raising an eyebrow at me." " Well bye!", I said then ran out the school gates. ' Great going back there, now he thinks that you are weird!', my sub-conscious taunted me.

' 'Hush!', I snapped back, ' I have more important things to than to worry about what boys think of me.'

As I walked home, I thought up scenarios of what might happen when I got home. 'Maybe he forgot and is passed out or not even here', I chided myself.

I stopped at the red light and slipped on my gigantic jacket. Even though it was spring, it might protect my still burning ribs from my dad's foot. I walked home and stepped onto the porch.

Then, I opened the door.

Chapter 4: Jace's POV

Jace’s Locker Number: 209

Jace's Mom is Cindy and his dad is Cole

Jennifer’s Locker Number: 210

I have changed The Beta’s name from John to Caleb!

I slammed the door to my room and sighed, it was finally time for us to move. We had hoped that we would find my mate in Los Angeles but, my mate wasn’t here.

So, me my mom and dad and a handful of pack members are moving up to Fresno, California to search there.

” Jace come on, we’re about to leave!“, my mom called. I ran down the stairs, grabbing my coat and heading out the door.

Introducing Jace’s wolf, James.

′I’ll miss this place’, my wolf sighed.

‘How? I thought that you hated this place’, I replied.

“Well, it grew on me. And watch out!“, my wolf said.

Just in time I swerved and avoided the mailbox from hitting me in the face.

I hopped in the car and we were off to Fresno.

I felt someone shaking me and got up, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I stepped out of the car and stretched, flexing my muscles in the process.

I walked over to the trunk and got my suitcase out, rolling it up the driveway and into the house.

Jace’s House

We had chosen a house close to the woods so that we could easily go for runs.

I stepped in and my breath caught in my throat, this place is awesome!“Mom, where is my room?“, I called out. “It’s on the 2nd-floor third room to the right.“, she responded.

I climbed up the stairs and went into my room and it was gigantic! I was used to extravagant things, being an alpha’s son and all but this place was awesome.

“Do you like it?“, I turned around to see my dad leaning against the door with a smile on his face.

“Yeah, this place is cool!“, my dad chuckled then turned around, ” By the way you have school tomorrow”, then walked away. Way to spoil my day but who knows, my mate could be there.

I got up, dressed and came downstairs for breakfast at 8:00, excited at the thought of seeing my mate at school.

Jace’s outfit

I looked over at mom and took the bowl that she offered. As I ate my cereal, I daydreamed of my mate.

“I bet she’s beautiful!” , chimed my wolf.

My dad came downstairs and made his way over to the kitchen.

“Jace, will you be riding with me or by yourself?“, said my dad, fixing a bowl of cereal for himself.

“I’ll go with you! My car is getting fixed” I replied, finishing my cereal and heading out to wait for my dad.

I walked in and went to the front desk to get my schedule. It was one of our wolves at the desk, I looked at her expectantly “Um, here you go, Alpha!“, she chirped and got back to work.

I looked at my schedule and smiled:

1. Compass

2. ELA




6. ART


8. P.E


I went to compass and as soon as I stepped in, the teacher introduced me to the class and told me that I could sit anywhere.

As I walked down the aisles, I was beckoned by many females to sit by them but just sat down next to my beta/best friend Caleb. ” Hey bro, how is it going?“, Caleb questioned.

” It’s fine but, I still haven’t found my mate” I replied. ” Don’t worry, you’ll find her.“, Caleb reassured me.

I sat down and pulled out a book and started reading.

The bell rang and I got up, picked up my books and went to ELA. I walked in and introduced my self to the teacher and froze when I smelt a sweet, honey-like scent.

I scanned the rows, looking for where this sweet scent was coming from.

My eyes locked in on a pair of beautiful green eyes.

My wolf went crazy, ”Mate! Mate! Mate!”

I ignored him and listened to the teacher,” Class, we have a new student, this is Jace and you are going to welcome him.”

My beautiful mate looked up and my breath caught in my throat, she was gorgeous. I looked at her and shamelessly stared, she was so beautiful.

She looked at me for a moment and returned to what she was doing.

The teacher continued,” Jace, you will be sitting beside Jennifer”, gesturing toward my beautiful mate.

Oh, so that’s what her name is!

I walked over to the empty seat next to her and plopped down, the teacher started talking about something. But, I wasn’t interested, I was focused on staring at my mate.

She must have felt my gaze because she started squirming uncomfortably. I sighed and took a piece of paper and wrote, ' Hello there Jennifer and passed it to her.'

She looked over at me, looked to see if the teacher was watching and took the paper.

I studied her face, trying to judge her reaction but she just picked up her pen, wrote something then handed it to me.

I looked at what she wrote which was 'Hello Jace.'

My wolf didn’t like the small number of words on the paper but I was just amused. I wrote back, 'Favorite Color?' and passed it back to her.

As she wrote something, I looked up and notice that the teacher was staring at us. I quickly mind linked him before my mate looked up.

“She is your future luna so don’t disturb her or say anything” His face changed from a calm expression to a shocked one, which he quickly changed.

He responded, “Yes Future Alpha”, then continued teaching. I looked back at my mate and saw her finish up what she was writing. She passed it to me: 'Purple, Yours?'

My wolf purred at the thought of her wanting to learn more about me.

I looked at it and smiled, I looked up and saw her looking at me. I looked back down and wrote, 'Green' and passed it to her.

The stupid bell rang and she got up, put the piece of paper in her pocket and walked out. I watched her walk out and soon followed after.

It turned out that I and Jennifer had 4 periods together :

Ela, Math, Art, and P.E.

We hadn’t spoken to each other in any of the classes and the only time she spoke was to answer the teacher’s questions.

During lunch, I didn’t see her and ate with Caleb.

As school let out, I looked for my mate and saw her walking out and called, ”Jennifer!”. She turned around and waited as I ran up to her.

" Um, Jennifer?” , I called because she looked like she was focusing hard on something.

“Oh, hi there Jace”, she responded. I really didn’t plan this far as to what I wanted to say to her.

My wolf offered, ′Drop her off at home!” ‘Thanks’, I responded

So I asked her,” So, can I drop you off?”, extremely nervous, this being the first time I was interested in a girl.

" No! I mean no thank you, my house is not that far away from here”, she rushed out.

I studied her and her expression was a panicking one. Why did she not want me to see her house? What was she hiding from me?

A little bit confused by the way that she responded I replied, “Um, okay?”, I responded, raising my eyebrow at her.

" Well bye!“, she quickly spoke and ran out the school gates.

Just in time, my dad pulled up in this :

As we drove off, I thought of my mate, she had something to hide and I wanted to know why she was so scared of me dropping her off.

I walked in and saw my mom sitting on the counter. walked over to her and hugged her. "Hey mom", I said.

"Oh hey sweetie!", she responded, swiveling around to face me. "I found my mate today.", I told her.

" Really? I'm so excited!", she replied"Cole! Our son found his mate!"

My dad bounded down the stairs, " That's great!"

I ran up the stairs, ignoring their questions about my mate's appearance.

I took a shower, changed into pajamas and got to work on my homework.

I finished at around 9:00pm and went to bed, thinking about Jennifer.

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