Broken Love(r)
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I want to believe in this love

Broken Love(r)

I want to believe that this will last an eternity

I want to have faith that we will defeat the odds

I long to believe in the dreams of fairytales and forever ever after

But this heart of mine has been broken one too many times

She has learnt to plan an exit strategy

She has been taught to be cautious

She has become accustomed to dissapointment

I want to just be happy, in this moment

I want to be as sure as you are of us

I want to love without fear

But my mind is already preparing for the what ifs

She is deciphering every moment we've had

Looking for flaws in our plans

Thinking of future scenarios that could break us

I feel it in my soul that it is different this time

She is at peace, she has found her home, and she for the first time is planting roots

I know we are meant to be

But I have walls to break down and baggage to get rid off

I have to learn to love again, without fear, without boundaries, and without exit strategies

I hope to one day love the way you do but for now my sweetheart, I hope the way I love is enough

By: Quanita Nathan

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