Worry, Worry, Worry
Worry, Worry, Worry peace stories

qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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Love and peace always prevails.

Worry, Worry, Worry

Worry, worry, worry, Don’t you ruin my day,

Worry, worry, worry, Don’t you get in my way,

Worry, worry, worry, The day has just begun,

But why’d you come around? I thought you hid from the sun,

I thought you only shaded in the crevices of my fears,

I thought you only talked when I needed you to hear,

I thought you came around when life was going wrong,

But now, worry, I’m strong,

And yet you still come along.

But worry, I need to tell you, I have another friend named Peace,

She gives me what I need,

A warm feeling that helps me sleep,

She loves to give gifts to me, like box of love and a token of serenity.

She’s much nicer than you can be,

So I’ll say it nicely, I need you to leave.

Leave me n peace.

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