What you bring
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qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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I pity you, for I am not weak no longer

What you bring

I fear you not, you being that wants to take from me,

You love to kill my spirit only to fill your need,

With no remorse, Not a single thought with how you make me feel,

The loneliness, The insecurity,

The failure, The detest,

I pity you, for only a foul human does such cruel things,

I don’t know you that well, I just know what you bring on to me,

Hatred and submission,

What human creates such a mission,

To make me feel so less to the point I want to hurt myself,

I have nothing left....but power,

And I wait to see you cower,

You flesh eating monster who sits around and tortures me for hours,

I will never surrender to you, nor will I lose,

I only have love to gain,

and you should be ashamed.


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