To You, Beautiful
To You, Beautiful

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qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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So many times I hear beautiful women saying negative things about how they look. And I want to set the record straight. You’re BEAUTIFUL. Beautiful in every aspect of yourself. I hope you read and look at yourself, knowing you are beautiful and loved.

To You, Beautiful

To You, Beautiful.. Have you ever stopped and looked at yourself?


Your existence is beautifully made and tailored. Defined and formed by a force beyond our comprehension of perfection.

That you, you unique soul. Are beautiful, In every way.

Your makeup is created from above, already etched by the hands of the universe.

You’re divine You’re wonderful And your beauty is all but your own.

Because it is meant to be shared and adored It is meant to be recognized and experienced.

It is meant to be found and cherished. As much as it is meant to be loved and honored.

I hope everyday you wake up and say ‘Hey, I’m beautiful’

I hope every moment you have thoughts that radiate from your infinite beauty.

I hope for the rest of your life you know that you are loved and appreciated.

Because everyday, you are you. You’re beautiful... Beautiful.

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