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qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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Another rejection, another closed door....just so the right one can open up.

The Timer

I never expect to express, if it’s not something I have to feel,

Sometimes I vent my heart out so the wounds of my past can heal,

Today, I had a reminder,

that in life, there’s never a timer,

A point in life where I can run out,

of the passion and thirst that brought on this pout,

This heavy heart,

This drag in my step,

I love to dream of success simply because I don’t know it yet,

But I do what’s best,

Only speak and write what I feel,

And leave the rest to the universe,

because they already know how I feel,

I have one purpose and it’s mine. I know I have to have it.

I just can’t wait to grasp it.

Just so I don’t have to panic,

about the timer.

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