The Time I Saw A Dragon
The Time
I Saw A
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A poetic story about not giving up. Hope you enjoy!

The Time I Saw A Dragon

A dragon claws at my heart in the night,

I can feel it’s nails sinking into my chest,

with it’s yellow, fiery eyes

beaming with fiery light.

only to hypnotize my gaze

as I hope to avoid its fiery breath.

Life and death.

I’m between the border.

As this large, red dragon fills up every space, every corner.

It’s wings surpass my knowledge of how it can fit into this place,

this crevice of a bedroom that this creature could simply remake.

And repaint

with fiery flames.

I touch its scales

and jump when I feel the heat of its exhale.

Until I start to see its gentleness and a kindred soul prevails.

It speaks to me through my soul,

as I feel this being start to take a hold,

and tell me

to ride free.

To find my own dragon breath and breathe.


This creature stands before me

teaching me wisdom

before I sleep.

But sleep is for the dead.

I grab onto a wing

and ride instead.

As it takes me all over the world,

showing me what this world can unfurl.

As it says to me

to spread my wings.

Hold on.

Simply Breathe.

For it lays me back to sleep

and I dream

about the time I met a dragon.

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