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Leaving the foe of fears behind me...

The Foe of Fear

To travel down the rabbit hole

past all of my fears that took a toll,

with my mistakes

that always stay

in the back of my mind

and chain my peace.

What is a dreaming without a dream?

What is love.... if pain won’t cease?

What is happiness? But the cream of a moment

and clarity on what you achieve.

That stays a while

and doesn’t leave,

Since it took so long to see,

that cloud of a dream

that falls to the ground

to grace your presence and esteem that is found.

A psychedelic beauty

to dazzle in the night

of this dark rabbit hole.

“Alice, where is the light?”

Did I leave it with my woes?

Or will I find it as this goes?

As I travel down this rabbit hole

in hopes of leaving this foe,

of fears

behind me.

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