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Fantasy and reality is a thought away...

The Drift

Where do I go when I can’t withstand?

Do I simply travel to my fantasy land.

A place where the grass is always green,

and love unfolds

and love unfolds and feels so serene.

A place that I often travel to,

A place that I often travel to, when time is short and life’s subdued.

My fantasy land has room for you

and can be quiet when you want it to.

Though if you stay too long here,

your thoughts could sway and become unclear.

This place holds the fantasies of dreams and wishes

that drift to you when your life has misses.

The fantasy land never shames a mistake,

though the ego does and its bite’s hard to shake.

But did you catch the quake?

The bitter pill that’s hard to take.

How fantasy

How fantasy and reality

How fantasy and reality is a thought away

How fantasy and reality is a thought away in normality.

But in all actuality

But in all actuality none exist

but the moment.

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