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Part 11 of the Crimson Chronicles!! This one was fun so I hope you enjoy. There maybe 2-3 stories left but I’m trying to wrap it up, though it keeps growing!! Thanks for the love and support!!❤️

The Crimson Chronicles: Sisters of the Night

Part XI

A splash of mud lands on Crimson’s wing as her and Mordova find their way out of the bog.

Their quest, at first, seems kismet as Mordova finds a tree portal in the fog.

And though the fog covers their trail, the Day pixies are not too far behind.

So as Crimson flies through the portal last, Mordova makes its hard to find.

As she blows black dust into the air and it increases the density of the fog.

It makes the portal invisible to the Day pixies, flying around in the bog.

As Mordova and Crimson find themselves not too far from Harthalia.

Mordova says, “We must be close to the kingdom of Ilania.”

“That is where Alegatro lives so we shouldn’t get so close.” “I can always tell when we were near it as it reigns in the scents of a rose.”

“We must find a better place to stay, because not even the trees we can trust.”

“Me and Moirana” Mordova says as she clenches the vile of her dust.”

“Then let’s go!” Crimson says, as she nudges Mordova to take the lead.

As they fly away from the kingdom of Ilania and find a place where the light stays buried.

As they land and Crimson says, “Why do you like such dark places? They hold nothing but the dark and gloomy.”

Mordova laughs and says, “Because no one would find us here, and in the fog, we find these places roomy.”

“It’s not easy being hunted or feared because of the past.”

“It’s not easy being hunted or feared because of the past.” “Me and Moirana, we didn’t know any better so we had to be safe, to survive and last.”

“Its why me and her are so sensitive to the sun, since age seven was the last time I sat in the day.”

Moldova holds the vile to her heart and says, “Maybe this is why Moirana thought the shadows was the only way.”

As Mordova throws the vile against a tree. It explodes as she screams.

She shouts, “This is why we stay in the shadows, because the world is so cruel and so mean.”

“And they expect us to just abide and stay kind, as the world casted and shunned but even that wasn’t so keen.”

“What did he do?” Crimson asks. “What happened?”

“Well I’ll leave off from where Alegatro started, though his judgement was wrong in the end.”

“Warboro never sought power, he only sought to be fair.”

“Warboro never sought power, he only sought to be fair.” “He was a kind and gentle pixie, known for his fiery eyes and hair.”

“I only know because I’m the oldest. And when he died, Moirana was five and you were three.”

“But I remember how he was with our mother and he loved her admirably.”

“She was so beautiful as a duchess of the Queen.”

“Her skin was so soft as her gaze was so serene.”

His eyes filled with passion when he gazed upon hers. As a smile perked on her face that you can’t even put into words.

“But it was his eyes that were the problem, for his blood is mixed with dark elf.”

“It was a curse that was bestowed on his family that any bloodline with the eyes would lose themself.”

“To produce hideous crimes and create a horrific thing. Maybe they thought it was an old tale that held no value and meant nothing.”

“Until his gaze turned dark and evil, after a visit with the dying king.”

“It was a conversation for the king to relinquish his power to the counsel, but he refused which left a sting.”

“So it was for power”, Crimson says. “But more power to the counsel, what dangers would that bring?”

“Yes, and it would bring more power to Warboro but the exchange was meant to be temporary.”

“It was there for the Queen’s pregnancy and would be nulled after her delivery.”

“But it was the King’s judgement against Warboro’s blood that sent him to the deep end, past the point of being judged.”

“The blood eyes are very powerful and can awaken when the pixie is nudged.”

“Since it’s hard control the eyes once you get to a certain age.”

“Which is why me and Moirana were looking for you, since you needed to find us before you reached that stage.”

“I hope you know...

“I hope you know... you have his eyes.”

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