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Last chapter!! Sorry for the delay, was having trouble with timing. Hope you enjoy!!

The Crimson Chronicles: Sisters of the Night

Part XIV

As Crimson leaves the hideout, she leaves as if she leaves behind a friend.

As she flies through the sky with her goal in mind, and a dragon with an armor to lend.

As she leaves the cover of the dark forest to fly high towards Ilania.

She feels the dragon tussle and turn, as she remembers its sibling in Harthalia.

On her shoulder, does he dig his nails.

As he opens his mouth and unleashes wails.

And his wails soars all through the sky, to eliminate secrecy and a moment of surprise.

As Crimson nears the castle, a group of pixies catch her eye. She’s cautious to see if they are a threat or if there flying by.

If her end’s found in the sky?

As she ponders, continuing to fly.

Until the group of pixies fly from her sight.

She sighs in relief, quickly speeding up her flight.

She sees the kingdom deeply wooven in the trunk of an old Sequoia. And as she gets closer, she finds the main castle and flies towards the foyer.

Though upon her descent, she sees three pixie guards. She tries to hide her view but they can see her from yards.

She begins to soar through the sky, to find two other pixies with dust coming her way.

She double backs and finds them closing in on her, so she quickly flies high to keep her plan at bay.

Until a pixie catches Crimson as it slows and drags her down.

She fights and fights the rope and pull but has trouble with the power of the crown.

As Crimson sees Alegatro on the foyer and he points to her in the sky. And in that moment of fear and uncertainty, did she burn the dust with her eye.

As she circles around the sequoia trunk and the guarding pixies fly behind.

She looks behind to see how many follow but forgets whats in front, and goes blind.

To unknowingly fly into a hollow log and wind up inside an old elmwood.

And from the elmwood, she sees the castle of Ilania and thinks scouting out is good.

As Crimson says aloud, “There’s gotta be some way in there? I know there’s a way in.” But Crimson sees Alegatro in the castle giving her idea a spin.

And she sees an older pixie, whispering words into Alegatro’s ear. Crimson ducks down in the elmwood tree hoping they don’t see her near.

As she backs away from the sight and winds up flying deeper into the tree. She flies and flies, getting lost until she finds a way to leave.

Though she can hear Alegatro’s voice clearer, as the dragon begins to stir.

To her surprise she’s in the castle which catches her allure.

As she silently flies to the throne room, she sees Alegatro speaking to the Queen. She gazes upon the elegant pixie, never seeing one so pristine.

Until the dragon growls and her cover is blown. The Queen gazes at her as humility is her own.

Alegatro soars towards her as guard pixies find her in surprise.

There’s twelve that swarm the throne room, prompting Crimson’s red eyes to rise.

As it rises, and turns into flames. The guarding pixies block the Queen from her gaze, “This is not the time to play games.”

Queen Nuthelia says. “Go and stop her! ” “Before were all dead.”

As Crimson says, “Stop!” “I’m only here to plea. I am not evil and I just need you to see.”

In that moment, Crimson’s eyes start to calm as the flames begin to fade. As Queen Nuthelia halts the attack, to see what deal can be made.

As she says in her long-slendered form, “I don’t make deals with evil pixies. I know you kind, you father was once family to me.”

“Well then here my plea.” “If not, I can leave.”

“You may never leave, you will pay for your crimes to this kingdom.” And the moment he speaks, all you see is a red dust fall over the throne room.

It invaded the mouths of all of the pixies, and sweeps over the floor like a broom. As the pixies cough, even the Queen. And their eyes start to bleed all over the scene.

A voice says, “It’s time for vengeance. For the one you casted aside.” “Let this vengeance rattle you, as you bleed like a bleeding tide.”

“I hope this feelings bothers you, as they bothered me inside.” “The audacious and ineptitude of shunning innocents for pride.”

“It’s time for vengeance!” Mordova screams. She screams so loud, her voice soars through ceiling beams.

Alegatro holds the Queen, as they sob and sob in fear. The guarding pixies crawl to any surface they get near.

Mordova watches them bleed to death, which only provokes Crimson’s fiery breath.

As she unleashes the dragon as he grows in size, and turns him on Mordova giving them a wild surprise.

And Crimson yells, “I WANT PEACE.” As her body shakes and their fears increase.

She flies high and her eyes begin to bleed. And she unleashes a darkness that was birthed in evil’s seed.

She tries to burn the castle down, in a rage felt once before. When Moirana brought the dragon and Orthalia fell to the floor.

Until Crimson calls the dragon and he matches with her flame. The sudden friction of flames calmed Crimson and made her more tame.

When she says,

When she says, “This is the thing! The symbol of hope that understanding can bring.”

“Because here I am, pixie and beast.” “Difference in appearance, equal in might, atleast.”

“It only takes a moment to understand another side.”

As Crimson fiery eyes fade and the dragon abides.

Crimson flies towards Mordova and splashes her with the red dust.

She quickly fights it off with each swing and each thrust.

As Mordova reaches in her pocket, for an antidote.

As Crimson takes it from her hand and says, “Now, we’re all in the same boat.”

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