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Part 13!! Next chapter will be the last!! Thank you to everyone who was with me on this journey. I hope I give it an amazing finale, thank you!!

The Crimson Chronicles: Sisters of the Night


They fly in the cover of darkness.

They fly in the cover of darkness. Crimson follows Mordova’s green wings.

As they fly through the depths of a forest and await what this travel brings.

As Mordova starts to slow down once she eyes a hollow tree.

The stump is wide and large, and can hold a large group of pixie.

As Mordova soars towards the ground,

and lands in a large home where trinkets are found.

With many jars filled with dust and the sounds of magical creatures, the amount of endless features that widens Crimson’s eyes, and astound.

Mordova says, “This was our father’s hideout, when things with his power went sour.”

“I didn’t notice it in the beginning because of age, “I only noticed when he left and was gone for the hour.”

“He was suffering.” Mordova says, before a chirp was heard in the stump.

Crimson flies towards it in curiosity, and only sees a moving lump.

Until the lump grows wings and burps a fiery breath.

It’s green eyes gazed at Crimson, with small hints of death.

And as she flies towards him. Mordova says from behind, “He is our last. “You slayed his stronger brother and the others died in the past.”

“He’s quick to bite so if you want to pick him up, be fast.”

“The last time we tried to control him, he nearly put Moirana in a cast.”

So Crimson flies and the dragon breathes a green flame directly towards Crimson.

She stops the blow with her own flame, and they gaze at each other as kin.

So the little dragon stops blowing it’s flames, as he eyes Crimson and then backs away.

Mordova says, “You can keep him, and hey, maybe with him we can somehow find a way.”

“Into the castle.”

“And what are we doing when we get there?”

Mordova says, “We will end this family feud and live free of care.”

“Without being a hassle.”

Crimson asks, “And will they listen to us, in their large, mighty castle?”

Mordova says, “We may not be talking with our words.”

Mordova flies over towards a jar of red dust. “They may only see us in blurs.”

“Before the blood dust receives them and strips them of what they judged us for.”

“And with the kingdom gone, we will have freedom and fear no more.”

Crimson backs away and says, “I will not create a massacre! That’s exactly where the hatred stems from.”

“We have to show that we’re good or know, we’ll always be on the run.”

“Yet there is no good in what they have done!” Mordova screams, as her feelings go numb.

“The Children of the Day, isn’t that name a pun.”

“It was only given to the royals when our skins couldn’t touch the sun.”

“We were bared to the shadows.”

“We were bared to the shadows.” “In a sophisticated magical world that only shows the shallows.”

“I may never see the sun, as it rays are for the hallows.”

As a horn blares again and Crimson looks towards the sky.

She sees the sun rise and the night flying by.

“So I guess we’ll stay here during the day, and battle in the cover of night.”

As Crimson says, “And maybe we can find a better way than to fight.”

“Enough people have died and we will be outnumbered on sight.”

Mordova says, “With choice weapons, we can surely cause a stir and a fright. “It may not be your peaceful stance but, for me, it will make things right.”

“But forgive me, I will close my eyes.”

“I live in the night and find rest at sunrise.”

As Crimson says, “Okay. I’ll be here when you awaken.”

Though as the hours pass and Mordova awakens,

Though as the hours pass and Mordova awakens, she sees Crimson is gone...

and the dragon is taken.

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