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Part 12 of the story!! Hope you enjoy!! 💕🍃

The Crimson Chronicles: Sisters of the Night

Part XII

A fire flickers from her fingertips, as her eyes enliven in flames.

As a dull stare becomes present on Crimson’s face, it’s Mordova’s words that she blames.

As panic sets into Crimson’s heart, making her eyes rage and wild.

As she recalls a sight she saw when she was only a child.

An evil pixie drenched in blood tears.

As Crimson says, “So I truly am what the Day fears.”

“This is why I am here. This is why I’m seen as a threat.”

“I truly am evil and I cannot forget.”

Mordova steps in and says, “You are not evil. You are simply misunderstood.”

Mordova steps in and says, “You are not evil. You are simply misunderstood.” “You have not committed a crime and I see that your soul is good.”

“It’s just everyone else I’m worried about.”

A spark and gurgling noise is heard from behind.

Crimson says, “That I have no doubt of since the Day haven’t already been kind.”

As another spark is heard in the distance and the two pixies looks to see what it is.

The spark is heard near the shattered vile as Moirana’s dust starts to fizz.

Mordova says, “It’s Moirana”, as the dust begins to sparkle and it forms into an iridescent being.

As eyes appear, and a nose with pixie wings moving Crimson to question who she is seeing.

Until the face of Moirana fully appears and then changes into the face of Warboro.

The dust says, “Your family loves you and we only have a few moments to borrow.”

Moirana says, “Moldova! Please, bring peace for you and my sister.”

“Moirana!” Mordova cries, weepingly reaching out to her.

Though the face changes and shifts to Warboro as he says, “Crimson, please.”

“Never fight the fire, just unleash and the fire will ease.”

Crimson gazes upon her fathers face, and remembers as a child, his lasting gaze.

As she walks towards the dust to touch his face, but the image of him fades and the dust produces a haze.

As a horn is heard in the distance, Mordova stands alert.

She wipes the tears from her eyes and pushes down the hurt.

She says, “We have to go. We have to prepare for the next step.”

“We don’t know what is coming and we can’t let the Day find a single footstep.”

“You don’t know the pain, me and Moirana were completely invisible.”

“We even feared the swamps near Harthalia until we saw it becoming divisible.”

“But once it became free from reign, we stayed close to the swamps and you.”

“Though we didn’t always know you were our sister, but it was a dream come true.”

“We have to go.”

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