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qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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There are two things to take from the past. 1. It is the past. 2. It did not last and made you who you are. But I will also admit, both can be hard to swallow, at times.

The Catastrophic Masterpiece

I’ve been beaten down,

I’ve been raped,

I’ve been mocked and displaced,

There was a moment when I didn’t know my face,

Because the fear placed my mind in a craze,

I have been through everything

I once met a man that wanted to kill me,

And he didn’t even know my name.

I would ask why if I knew he was sane.

But to me, I’m always to blame.

It’s always my fault, It’s always my shame,

But what can I do, but try to find peace.

This is the catastrophic masterpiece.

But I do not surrender, And I know why,

Simply because, I felt pain all of my life.

And it’s not mine,

I am a vessel for the sick,

But for my life, I can never surrender to it.

There’s no (me) in quit.

There’s no (me) in quit,

Open my mind and give my life a spin,

If you can get through it,

Then you’ll know me,

But that is why..

I am the Catastrophic Masterpiece

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