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If you make it through, thank you. A bit longer than usual but I hope you enjoy!


To heal a broken heart

and those scorned parts that were torn,

when two lovers fell apart

and a new love was reborn.

It was what you left behind,

that brings me back from time to time.

I guess that’s why when I close my eyes

everything felt just fine...

to hit rewind,

until I press play

to the moment where our love didn’t run astray.

We were at that park where the grass is soft and green,

and the day was warm and gay.

And they sky was wispy blue

as the breeze made me feel so serene.

As it blew softly through the trees

and the leaves

towards me

and you.

Everything felt so cool.

I could rest my head on your soft chest

if I didn’t act like a fool.

l did what’s best

because I wanted to entertain.

That smile of yours I needed to sustain.

As we lied on the blanket your great grandmother had made,

with our backs against an oak tree until the sun decided to fade.

As you nuzzled my chin and rubbed your fingers against my warm lips.

As your breath smelled of peach nectar

and I couldn’t help but take a sip.

And just lean in for a kiss

as your scent is what I miss.

Maybe why I play rewind

from time to time

and sometimes have fits

on how things were fine.

Until hell


dropped on a

dropped on a dime.

When you left the park in a hurry

as the leaves swept in a flurry,

I was afraid you saw something furry

but you only saw it was getting late,

and time was changing the date.

Why you went with the leaves

and blew away.

To blow away in the past,

as the moment happened so fast.

And the one gaze didn’t last....

Since you ran into the street

and I couldn’t even think

when that car ended our days.

But kept mine.

Mine decided to stay...

why I play

the rewind

to fade

the pain away.

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