My Everyday Contemplation
My Everyday Contemplation

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qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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My daily thought..and stress. Hoping one day it will end and I’ll feel my heart at rest. One day.

My Everyday Contemplation

You always bring me back even though I want to leave,

Daydreaming about you in hopes that one day I’ll believe,

Everything happens for a reason, life changes as much as the seasons.

But I fight the change and fear the reason why our happiness always leaves me,

I’ll adjust.

I know it’s a learning process...and I need to process these thoughts knowing there are other options.

To be prepared and hope for the best, leave these evil thoughts that in the end, there’s only death.

But isn’t that the truth?

If it wasn’t for my past experiences, I wouldn’t be fearing this truth. What do I do?

Where do I live? Knowing there is never a stay but a moment in translation?

A break and a means to rest... Only to be suddenly woken up again.

And again...

When will change be my friend? Maybe one day, I’ll love the ever motion, and not fear the commotion of my mind swaying a different way.


But hey, we all gotta flow that way one day. Not today but some other day.

Maybe then, greeting the change will be okay

And hey, maybe it’ll be better. Maybe I’ll trust the inevitable fate.

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