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A love that doesn’t leave is a true love, no matter how bad the pain is. You can’t leave someone that’s with you even when you think you’re alone.

Loving You

You always bring me back, even when I want to leave,

But why do you bring me back if you keep doing the same thing?

I love you more than I love myself,

I love you everyday, and until my last breath,

I love you to the point of losing all that I hold dear, I love you to the point where your tears bring on my tears,

And it’s been years and I still can’t let you go,

But you always want to leave, and why is something I wish to know,

I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong, I don’t know why you want to go, If you need time, I’ll play along, We can take things nice and slow,

But I don’t understand or like being treated like a virus,

Something to cure and heal, someone to hide and stay silent,

I get this world is scary, and I get you may fear your family, If it was that easy to leave you alone, I would have done it carelessly,

But you need me, and you cling to me, And it feels good to see you lying next to me,

And I love when we both get in between, Our sheets, our clothes, doing things we only know,

It makes me feel like I’m whole and not an anomaly, But then others get involved and it bothers me,

That you would do anything to save your ass, your career, your status, and leave me embarrassed.

And I still love you, I simply don’t know what else to do,

I’ll try to move on, or simply wait for you to come along,

I don’t know... True love isn’t a joke.

So I’ll simply do what I do, which is simply, Loving you.

I love you

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