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Coronavirus has taken a toll on me as my family, as I have lost a member. It’s very prevalent in the state I live in which is very stressful and has disarrayed my life, and finances. But I never give in to the pain because life has taught me there’s always a silver lining. Hope everyone who is suffering from this, holds onto the light in the midst of the storm. 🙏🏾

Light in the Storm

To sparkle like the sunshine when all you see are the clouds and rain.

Though storm is here and brewing,

Though storm is here and brewing, you see the light shine out of the pain.

The moments you never took for granted.

Since life and love was never just handed.

Why the light only shines for days,

since the bravery of you never strayed.

To evade

To evade the storm

To evade the storm of emotions,

of fears that drag you down.

Why you only look to the light

since it gives your hope a crown.

In the midst of atrocity and death

In the midst of atrocity and death that swarms everywhere you are.

You hold onto the light in the storm

as it glimmers into a star.

To make your dreams come true.

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