Deep within the forest...
Deep within the forest...
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qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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I dare not fear the path, for it is mine to travel.

Deep within the forest...

Deep within the forest, I shall find a purpose,

A cause, a chase, to travel beneath the surface,

Traveling deep to find the root of this journey,

To find the next goal and the next twist that’s turning,

I feel the challenges coming my way, but I don’t dare hide. I will face what is fate.

Because it is too late to cower or run in shame,

This is my journey to have and my life to maintain,

Traveling deep, I found a purpose, a reason to believe,

To go far in life, I found a reason to live in a dream,

I chose my path, it is mine to own and mind to maintain,

And as long as I keep traveling, I will find what I need to gain.

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