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qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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I can’t help but express love to those who give me the most of it. Forever thankful ❤️


Sing to me with butterfly wings,

Flutter in my heart, make this love more than a dream,

Run through the meadows, let’s get lost in the trees,

Let’s keep running until we know that we’re free,

Let’s climb, let’s jump, let’s see all we can see,

Let’s make our lives soar, through open doors, past our beliefs,

We can go anywhere,

Let’s do everything!

Let’s run into the stars and see, all what life can be,

You make me believe,

That I can be anything,

That nothing can stop me,

Only love can top me,

And guide me,

I’m not ashamed so there’s no hiding,

I know you’re good at finding what keeps our souls from crying,

What stops our souls from dying because you can’t kill light,

It can only dim itself and I already won that fight,

With love inside of my heart, I know I can only take flight,

Fly across the skies and know that I’m alive.

With you.

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