A soul spoken
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qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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My life, my thoughts. A soul spoken to infinity

A soul spoken

I’ll never let fear stop me, never let greed kill my spirit.

The power is always within me, that even in the dark moments, I can still feel it.

I learned to let go, where it’ll end is a moment unknown.

But as long as love is my guide, the future I heed will be in the spirit.

The phone, of these lyrics.

The song of my heart.

I love with all of it, yet I still heed the pain of the dark. But my serenity is in the park, where it all starts...

Since my love for eternity will never fall apart.

It is written in the stars. And I’ll go far until my life is gone into infinity.

The end for me is not real, because there is never an end. A translation and a friend. To a new beginning.

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